Legal Warning

Here you can read the legal policies of If you have any questions, you can contact us. All the policies that you will find here, summarize all the issues that have to do with legality. However, at the bottom of the page, you will find the links to the different policies of different areas, you can visit them if you wish.

About liability

We exempt ourselves from any type of liability derived from the information published on this website and due to the lack of availability of the same (for what is colloquially called as server crashes) periodic services, for the reason of technical maintenance. In addition, we can reserve the right to modify any type of information that may appear on the website, without the obligation to previously notify or inform the users of the obligations, which is understood as sufficient, with the publication of this information.

About sponsored posts (Articles)

It may be that some of the posts (Articles) that you can read on this web page, are posts (Articles) sponsored by third parties. It consists of a method of financing this website. So they are subject to third-party content. We still try to maintain a strict “fair advertising policy”. For this reason, most of the posts (Articles) that you can see on this website have been generated to be as informative and objective as possible.

Display banners (Advertising)

It may be that some of the banners displayed on this website are from third party companies. And despite the fact that they are content generated by third parties. We will try to maintain a strict guarantee that advertising is fair and not suggestive. For this reason, the majority of “banners” that you will see on this website have been treated strictly and filtered with the greatest possible observation, to try to make them “as informative as possible”.

Cookies and advertising

This website will use cookies, in order to determine what type of advertisements should be displayed throughout the web page. When users access this website, cookies will be stored in their browsers.

Almost all advertising providers (including Google), use the cookie system, to be able to show the most relevant ads possible, in relation to the websites that you have previously visited and the cookies that this website can set on your browser. Normally, the use of cookies for advertising allows the Google Adsense company to display the related ads with the maximum possible information that it can provide to the user @.

Users can, if they want, disable personalized advertisements. To do so, they must access the “Ads Preferences” tab or they can also do so by accessing “”. Thus, the use of the cookies that are provided can be disabled for personalized advertising, not only for Google. Adsense, if not also by any of the other providers.

If the publication of third-party advertisements has not been disabled, the cookies of other providers apart from Google Adsense and / or other advertising networks, which may also be used, to publish the advertisements from other web pages.

Promotions of Social Media channels

We are allowed the right to promote on our social networks and third party blogs, as we often use various promotional channels. It could also be that post (articles) of third-party companies are promoted in said channels.

Affiliate links within content

We usually use affiliate links, which provide information on products and / or services of different brands / companies, with which we establish advertising programs, previously. These links are used exclusively, once a demanding and previous study of the qualities of some products, which we wish to promote, has been made.

This website undertakes not to include said links / affiliate links, arbitrarily and / or in which conditions are not met, such as those described above. Even so, there are some pages within this same website, which are from third parties and are updated repeatedly, so you may be aware of the case that any link / link is not completely updated.

We usually invest most of our effort, work and knowledge in trying that the links / links are always completely updated to 100% during the 24 hours / 7 days. Despite our constant effort, it could be the case of finding broken links / links or those that point to offers / promotions, which are no longer operational in the places of third parties.

If you want to buy / acquire a product / service without using the links / affiliate links, we remind you